Champion Ladies


The purpose of this ministry is to bless & encourage women to know God, grow into secure, confident women of God & show the love of Christ through authentic relationships.  EVERY woman is valued!

Fun & laughter are trademarks of this ministry.  Whether we are sharing testimonies, worship and the Word of God or hosting one of our hallmark 'over-the-top' events, we are shaping women into 'Champions for Jesus'!


 Click the image to Register..

Click the image to Register..

Saturday, June 2nd

1:00-7:00 p.m.

A day set aside for rejuvenation & personal care!

This is a chance for YOU & YOUR FRIENDS to say, 
"I'm going to rest and relax. GOD is showering me with blessings!Psalm 116:7 MSG

Donations collected go to this event's Sharing Project
Safe Care Mission, Orphanage & Daycare in MEXICO