For Married couples!  This ministry will foster friendships between couples, giving you a wide variety of opportunities to be encouraged and strengthened, no matter what your marriage is like.  We want to develop a culture where couples help support couples, so we as husbands and wives get on track & stay on track, doing life side by side as God intended!  There will be many opportunities for connection – you may even find your best friends or a special mentor-ship relationship open up to you through ‘Side By Side’!

If you’re married and in your 30’s or 40’s we invite you to our regular Friends In Marriage events for interactive fun! For all married people, please join us our Sunday afternoon Events once a month for a unique 2 hours of fun, food and a variety of topics presented in an interesting way to help you relate with our spouse! 

Our ‘Marriage Matters Panel’ is a facet of our Sunday ‘Side By Side’.  Hear couples share their stories and field your questions too! See how we all experience similar struggles and joys, and find hope and inspiration for your own marriage! 

UPCOMING ‘Side By Side’ Sunday EVENTS, 2-4 p.m.:

March 17 - Q&A ‘Marriage Matters Panel’

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Marriage Matters Panel - March 17th

Do you ever feel like you're the only couple facing challenges, sometimes the going around the same mountain over and over again? In this event, our 'Marriage Matters Panel' will be sharing their experiences and tips to inspire you to the mountaintop! You'll find out you're not alone & that others have found a way to overcome similar battles in their own relationships.

It's not too late to submit your questions. Jot them down and submit them anonymously at the Info Centre in the lobby on Sundays, email to the CCC office or include them in your registration. Either way, your name will not be disclosed. Every question is valid since others in the room probably have similar things they are going through.

April 28th - Final Side By Side Sunday event until September


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FIM is led by Duane & Juliet Roach and is designed for married & engaged couples (30’ish-40’ish).

Not only do we want to connect as couples to be encouraged in God’s principles for success, we also want to connect just to have fun and make new friends! This is a fun monthly relationship-builder designed to do just that!

2019 Schedule

  • Saturday Feb.23 12:30 pm - Skating & Hot Chocolate