Wednesday Classes 

All classes are held at the church at 7 pm.

The following is a list of possible classes we offer:

  • Fresh Start for new believers

  • Think Again - Renewing the Mind

  • Healing School

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • Marriage

  • Health & Wellness

  • Creation vs. Evolution

  • Men’s Track

  • Ladies Track

  • Leadership Tracks

Class offered in Round 3 (Jan.16-Feb.13)is:

Spiritual Gifts & Callings Class.png

Callings & Spiritual Gifts

God makes it clear that He calls all of us to belong to His family, but He also calls us to unique individual assignments and then equips us with His supernatural grace, which are spiritual gifts, in order to fulfil our assignments. Do you know your calling and subsequent gifts?

This 5 week class will help you uncover & discover your God given assignment and gifts.

7 pm at the church.

No cost or registration required.