KidCity Wish List:

o  Area Rug  for gaming room (Large, minimum 10’ x 6’)

o  Artificial trees, topiary, greenery, vines, flowers (all sizes!)

o  Automobile Steering Wheels (playground equipment style) - 2

o  Bananas (stuffies, artificial plastic – large or small – ANYTHING  banana!)

o  Basketballs

o  Birds - fake but life sized

o  Building supplies – Deck Railings (4’ lengths or less)

o  Building supplies – Pocket Door Pre-built frame & 28x80 Pocket Door

o  Building supplies – Lumber (2x4, 2x6, 2x2 , fence boards, any lengths)

o  Building supplies – Plywood sheets (all shapes & sizes!)

o  Building supplies - Shingles, shakes or roof tiles

o  Café Children’s Size diner booth (table & 2 booth benches)

o  Chalkboard – on stand

o  Chair – EGG enclosed shaped! Café Children’s Size diner booth (table & 2 booth benches)

o  Child sized Adirondack chairs

o  Child sized aprons

o  Child sized Picnic tables

o  Children’s Bible Story books

o  Children’s size cozy reading chair/rocker

o  Children’s size rocking chairs, chairs & tables

o  Children’s size salon chair

o  Climbing wall Holds (lots – to do a 6’ x 8’ space)

o  Coffee Maker – 12 cup

o  Crash pads – 4 ft x 8 ft x 4 in thick

o  Curtains for little windows – 2’w x 2 or 3’ tall; fun colours!

o  Diaper Genies & bags - 5

o  Doll bottle

o  Doll cradle

o  Fiber optic lights

o  Floor hockey sticks and balls

o  Foam Building Blocks – Different shapes, but all Large sized for building

o  Foam play mats (large, interlocking is ok but one-piece big mats are preferred)

o  Foosball

o  Fridge – Apartment Size (Max 24” wide)

o  Fridge – Mini Bar Size

o  Giant Board Games & cards (no small pieces)

o  Hair styling practice head (with hair!)

o  Hockey Game Table (foosball style)

o  Hockey nets

o  Kitchen sink faucets  with pull-down sprayer -2

o  Kites

o  Lego – bases and pieces

o  Light Fixtures - Exterior Porch (prefer unmatching, but no exposed light bulb styles please) – 5

o  Light Fixtures – Streetlight look (must be same sort of style as in below, exposed bulbs are fine) – 4

o  Light Fixtures Ceiling (unmatching, no exposed bulbs) - 3

o  Long boards for shoe shelves (to be mounted under a stairwell)

o  Mailboxes – wall mount or freestanding

o  Microwaves - 2

o  Mini lights

o  Mirror with frame (Max 3’) or Vanity table

o  Mirrors – large, no frames

o  New socks – children’s sizes

o  Outfit Doctor– child sized

o  Outfit Fireman

o  Paint – all colours, any amount (purple, blues, pinks, red, greens, yellows, orange, white, chalkboard, etc)

o  Park benches – Adult

o  Ping Pong Table

o  Play Structure with a slide for ages 2+ (Little Tykes)

o  Police outfit

o  Projector Light – stars or calming images, dimmable

o  Purple-coloured toy playhouse items or fabric

o  Quilted or dimensional children’s room wall decor

o  Refrigerator Apartment size – Max 23.5” wide

o  Scoop plastic Slide - to be mounted on a 4’ deck

o  Sensory items – toys, cushions, etc.

o  Sensory Moon tube Floor lamp with fish

o  Shingles, shakes or roof tiles - any amounts for small building trim

o  Sofas – 2 - Faux Leather for easy cleaning

o  Tires – to decorate the Garage

o  Toy artificial Fish tanks

o  Toy BBQ grill

o  Toy Cash registers

o  Toy Grocery items

o  Toy grocery shopping cart

o  Toy instruments (realistic looking)

o  Toy Kitchen (maximum 3’ long)

o  Toy Lawn Mowers

o  Toy riding vehicles (Little Tykes?)

o  Toy stethoscope & doctor coat

o  Toy stuffed animals of all kinds (not too small!)

o  Toy Tools

o  TV flat screen monitors that are mountable - (2) – minimum 55” screen & other 32”.

o  Victorian exterior house trim

o  Volleyball net & poles (gymnasium quality)

o  Volleyballs

o  Wall decals – Noah’s ark (max 40cm W x 38cm H), clouds, musical instruments or notes, barber shop/stylist, kitchen vegetables, washroom – 1 baby change station & 4 male/female (all washrooms are unisex)

o  Wall mount Basketball hoops

o  Wall paneling – any colours, styles!

o  Wall Shelves – floating

o  White magnetic Dry Erase Board – Large, on stand

o  Wii Sports consoles, games & accessories - 2

o  Window boxes for seasonal artificial flowers - lots!

o  Window/door casings

o  Workout equipment - Adult

o  Workout gym flooring