The Bible  30 Day Experience

Experience an Epic Story of Love, Sacrifice, and Hope


Every Sunday evening in March on the History Channel, you will be able to view 2 hours of captivating video that will bring the Bible to life!  A total of 10 hours of amazing dramatization of the real-life events from the greatest book ever written!


Plan to join us every Sunday morning in March as we revisit these stories leading up to the celebration of the greatest event in human history!  

Through stunning video clips from the The Bible TV miniseries, and scripture passages, you will experience the power and drama of the Old Testament as well as Jesus’ life, the pain of his crucifixion, and the triumph of his resurrection.


Come join us for The Bible 30-Day Church Experience at Champion City Church!


It all begins Sunday March 3 at 10:30 a.m.!


Click on The Bible Mini-Series for a sneak peek!